Chief Executive Officer

Position Number:


______________________________________________________________________FSLA:  Exempt

Date:    November, 2009



Job Summary:  As hired by the Library Commission to provide the vision for and direct the management, administration and operations of all Tulsa City-County Library system locations.  Work with the Library Commission to determine the strategic direction and policies for the library; develop and maintain a communications strategy locally and nationally; serve as chief library spokesperson with the media and public; develop and implement plans for new library facilities, services, and programs; advise Tulsa Library Trust Board and Friends of the Tulsa City-County Libraries; raise funds, develop and maintain donor relations to enrich library services.  Performs other duties as needed.



Essential Functions:


  1. Provide vision, administrative, operational support and resources for a dynamic leadership team managing daily operations of the library system.
  2. Provide management leadership on a diverse spectrum of issues including, but not limited to personnel, legislative, funding and image of the library within the community.
  3. Provide trend analysis for financial, service, legislative and other trends that impact library service and all aspects of the library’s operations
  4. Provides staff with the resources needed to provide a high level of service and leadership to the community; develops and maintains personnel policies and procedures for a diverse workforce
  5. Shares lead role of library advocacy in national and state library organizations, with elected officials, Friends of the Tulsa City-County Libraries and donors with the Deputy Director.
  6. Works with Library Commission and staff to set the overall strategic direction of the library, to develop and implement policies, to develop and implement short and long range plans, serves as liaison between the Library Commission and the staff to communicate policies, goals and plans.
  7. Provides guidance and leadership through leadership team; directs with a Deputy Director, the overall management of the library system, including establishing, interpreting and communicating management philosophy, staff development, and work style to employees.
  8. Develops and implements capital improvement plans providing for new library facilities, expansions and/or renovations of existing facilities, services, and programs;
  9. Serves as advisor to the Tulsa Library Trust Board of Directors and is actively involved in directing development and implementation of fund-raising plans, securing funding and maintaining donor relations;

10.    Raises funds to meet annual IRS threshold for non-profits status (approximately $400,000) for the Tulsa Library Trust

11.    With the Communications Director and Development Director develops a unified communications message and strategy to promote services and fulfill Library Commission and Trust Board goals and expectations.

12.    Chief library spokesperson to the community; serves as liaison with local, state and national officials, represents the library in various business, professional and community functions, and attends high profile community events.

13.    Performs other duties as instructed and assigned.


______________________________________________________________________Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:


  1. Advanced knowledge of the procedures, policies, and operations of all library functions and services,
  2. Ability to provide high level management, leadership and team building efforts for all library personnel,
  3. Ability to develop, administer and provide stewardship of library and Tulsa Library Trust budgets and expenditures,
  4. Ability to develop and implement library’s strategic direction within the community,
  5. Vision to develop and manage the overall administration and implementation of new library services, programs and functions,
  6. Ability to seek and secure private funding for library programs and capital projects, maintaining and growing these donor relationships,
  7. Highly developed interpersonal, written and oral communications skills including the ability to serve as library liaison with the public, elected officials and others; ability to tailor message to effectively reach the intended audience,
  8. Ability to develop and present speeches, give effective media interviews and public appearances in the community,
  9. Ability to engage in effective negotiation with diverse publics using exceptional diplomacy skills,

10.    Leadership, management, coaching and mentoring skills to lead a large, diverse workforce,

11.    Ability to resolve sensitive and controversial issues/problems.


______________________________________________________________________Education and Experience:


  1. Masters degree in Library Science from an ALA accredited program
  2. Additional management training highly desired
  3. Ten years of progressively responsible public library experience with a minimum of five years of executive level administrative experience in a multi-branch urban or suburban system
  4. Experience in fund-raising for significant donations, experience in working on large donor-funded projects and events highly desirable
  5. Experience in complex community relations in a diverse urban setting.


Physical and Environmental Conditions:


Work requires ability to travel to branch and community events (valid Driver’s License with a safe driving record and personal transportation required).  Work also includes travel to state and national professional conferences.


Work hours exceed normal business hours and included selected evenings and weekends each month.


Work requires no unusual demand for physical effort.


Work environment involves everyday risks or discomforts which require normal safety precautions typical of such places as offices or meeting rooms, e.g., use of safe work place practices with office equipment, and/or avoidance of trips and falls.



The above job description is not intended as, nor should it be construed as, exhaustive of all responsibilities, skills, efforts, or working conditions associated with this job.


Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of this job.